Overground Endoscopy

Examination of the upper respiratory system has become standard procedure in the practice of equine veterinary medicine.

Leading opinion tends towards the necessity of an endoscopic examination of the upper airway organs under stress.

Previous studies have already proven the determination of functional and morphologial abnormalities of the larynx and pharynx using this type of examination, which may not be detectable when an upper respiratory examination is performed at rest.

Until recently, this procedure has been complicated by the necessity of using a treadmill.

With the mobile laryngosope it is now possible to perform this essential examination quickly, precisely and with reduced cost - providing a much more effetive realisation of time and expense.


Advantages of the system:


  • High resolution video recordings
  • Stable image through the patented retaining mechanism
  • Excellent illumination of upper respiratory organs by Xenon light source
  • Precise positioning through remote deflecting mechanism
  • Ease of disinfection - endoscope is completely immersible
  • Safe for practitioner and horse through patented quick release mechanism
  • Manual and automatic air/water insufflation
  • Adjustable to suit  thoroughbred, standardbred, dressage, performance, show jumping horses
  • Adjustable halter to accommodate horses from Shetland ponies to Shire horses
  • Easily transportable




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