Outer Diameter 10,7mm

Outer Diameter 8,9mm

can be made customized up to

a maximum of 3,30m


can be made customized up to

a maximum of 2 m

Access- suction canal:                Instrument canal entrance 2.7 mm with Luer-Lock 

                                                       for  additional manual irrigation

Field of vision:                             120° viewing angle

Illumination:                                 Double light guide

Air – water insufflation:              Automatic (variable mixing)

Suction:                                        Automatic

Two wheel directional control:   Up / down with braking, right / lef t with braking

Function controls / buttons:       For use with EndoData Software -

                                                       (Freeze frame, save image, save video sequence)

 Accessories :                              Transporting case, cleaning brush and adapter, service 



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